The Yori Art Project Gallery

Coming soon to this site is a "Yori Art Gallery" where artists can contribute their art of Yori in Tron. There are several reasons for this. There is quite a bit of art out there for TRON and of course, specifically YORI. Having a place where people can post this art so that others interested in this subject can also view it will show that there is still significant interest in Yori, thus contributing to the campaign to 'Return Cindy Morgan to the Grid' but also to provide links, which credit the artists. A lot of this art has been posted in forums and sent around Facebook and nobody knows who the artists really are, most often people are assuming that the person posting it is the artist. In such a gallery here, Both the Fans of Yori, Cindy Morgan and Tron will have the opportunity to see who has made this contribution, as well as anyone visiting who might like to further communicate with the artist.

The objective is more than a "Fan Art" page, it will hopefully inspire more art, and in the spirit of what "YORI" actually represents in the movie, the point is to spread the meme of the character as artist, as a 'design program' as 'creativity' itself.

Submit your articles, art, pics of your paintings, photoshops, etc to philsternwise @ yahoo . com

Art has already begun being collected and the gallery will be up within a few days.

Long live the Users.