Yori Collectibles


If you are a Yori fan, finding Yori-specific collectibles is probably not very easy, they are hard to find, rare or simply non-existent. I have scoured the internet for as many as I could find. The following items are not all readily available, and they are not for sale on this site if you're looking for them. They are presented here for your reference and I have added as much information and links as I could find.

If you're a custom figure creator, a sculptor, a T-shirt designer, or any sort of craftsperson, you might consider the rarity of the goods on this character. In other words, there is for lack of a better term, 'an open market' on Yori. When you do see Yori stuff, if it's unique, it ain't cheap.

TRON COLLECTOR'S PIN with Tron and Yori

Number 29 in the "Countdown to Millennium Series."

While this isn't exactly Yori-specific, there she is, in all her 'main-characterhood' as she is on the cover of the Tron videos, and in the Tron movie posters. As we know, the movie is called "TRON" because of this dude named 'Tron,' and with him, the main characters, 'Flynn' and 'Yori' who destroy the MCP.

Get it?

A few of these are still around, you might even be able to still get one under $10.

More information can be found here.


The only 'figurine' ever made of YORI to my knowledge is by the Medicom toy company. The basic Kubrick figure design is nearly identical to Lego figures.

"Yori" comes in Set A, with "Tron."

If you do find this, it will genearlly run $40 to $60.

You can find more information here and here.


I couldn't tell you just where you could originally obtain these, but there were several cups with various Tron characters on them, one of them features Yori.

These are probably not easy to find in very good condition, but if they do show up on ebay, they probably aren't that

expensive, as long as you're willing to spend $3 to $6 plus shipping for a single plastic cup.


Featuring Tron, Yori and Flynn.

I am not sure if this is the one, but one of these features a handle. Made of plastic.

More information on this and much more rare and unusual vintage TRON Collectibles can be found at the amazing website, Neato Coolsville.

He's not selling, he's just displaying the stuff, but it's worth a look.


There are quite a few images of these black and white photos on the internet and on the DVD of "TRON." Many of them are poor resolution, and many of them can be found on ebay, however, there are photos out there not on the DVD, and not readily available as scanned and presented on various

websites, that people have either obtained in press kits, or on ebay, more are always turning up that I've never seen before. One could say there are probably a hundred or more different shots from this type, featuring the characters in different poses in costume. Some taken on set during filming, others for promotional purposes, and 'test' purposes for effects. More are always turning up every day, if you see any or have any rare ones, please send us scans for the new Yori Archive coming to this blog. While some of these are autographed, so many of the rare ones are not, and weren't sold with autographs. There are quite a few Yori photos I have seen in such poor resolution pictures, here and there, and either disappear off the net, or I've never seen them again, and never seen on ebay. Please send us scans of your rare photos so we can do more graphics and display them. Also, get them when you find them, they disappear fast.


Anyone who has this set, please scan them to your computer as soon as possible, I can't say how many of these there are, if there are even any more other than the ones shown in this picture. Consider this ultra-rare, and impossible to find. These unique costume photos I've only seen once on ebay. If you own these, I'd consider paying you to scan them in and send them to me.


Done in the style of Nagel, by Craig Drake, this special Tron print glows in the dark under ultraviolet light. That is a pretty neat feature for 'fine art.'

These are still available, but probably not for long.

You can purchase them still on a few various sites, Disney Art Studio has them here for $50, unframed.



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