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Ram still lives. Actor, filmmaker, Dan Shor played Ram in the original Tron. The people at GAMEKNIGHTS have secured an interview with Dan Shor, for their Nerdy-Times Podcast, Episode 8. Check it out at their page. Find out what a "Cindy Morgan bulge" is.

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Yori Lives Campaign Update


We're slowly gaining ground in terms of web-presence. The first major thing that must be done is linking. When someone searches for "TRON UPRISING" or "TRON 3" the idea is that "YORI LIVES" can be connected to these upcoming projects when someone does a search, it can come up on their screens. As of right now, a search for Yori will turn up some results, and image searches will turn up some results, and we're getting a few hits a day, possibly more than other TRON sites, but it would be great if people submitted our links out there so we could gain 'more ground.'

If you actually want YORI in any future installment of TRON you're going to have to do the easy work which is submit links, and comment on anything TRON-UPRISING or TRON-3 related out there with either a link to the YORI LIVES FB page, or this Blog, or even a simple text "Yori Lives" or "Where's Yori" will do the trick.

This is the simplest and easiest thing you can do to help and make this happen. What this blog has to offer is more "Tron" content, and regular updates, while others wait for more Buzz on TRON UPRISING, you can either go to the YORI LIVES FB Page or this Blog for regular updated content about Tron and Yori. We've got videos, art, articles and lots of links. If you're a TRON Fan, this is a regular site you can go to get some cool stuff 'on the Grid.'

If you're a big Tron fan, you should help out, and contribute something. What can you contribute? You can send a link you found about TRON, you can write an article, you can send graphics, art or pictures you find, you can be creative and come up with something we haven't though of. This obviously isn't the only Tron Fan site in existence, and if you want a 'forum' I'd recommend you go to TRON SECTOR where one is already established, there you can communicate with other Tron fans about a variety of Tron subjects. If you're more of a Yori/Cindy Morgan Fan, then we need you here, to communicate to the world what you think, so commenting, and even writing an article here is what you can really do.

Each article that comes out about TRON UPRISING should be commented on by us, with the question and/or links to Yori Lives. Some suggest a petition to have Yori in TRON UPRISING, and while this allows you to voice your opinion, petitions have less effect than constantly seeing 'YORI' referenced in the publicly available articles which come out in the news on entertainment sites or news sites. Commenting on everything from videos, blogs, news articles, interviews, etc, about "Yori" will get it out there, and in the search engines, and constantly remind people about our cherished character, while a petition will only be read by those who sign it.

Writing Disney has a better chance of affecting anything than a petition, and while it may be ignored, and may not even reach anyone with any influence, it is 'getting out there' and doing something, and if you're willing to do that, it may have even more impact if you share links on the internet wherever you go, or even contribute art or an article HERE, because it helps to build the momentum in the framework of the "Net." Writing Disney can be considered as much a dead end as a petition, and even as much as posting your thoughts in a Tron-centric forum, as these things will probably never be found in any google search.

If you feel you can't do any of these things, then visit this site, so we know at least somebody is out there hitting it, and still interested. Commenting here lets us know people still care, and also every comment is in and of itself a contribution to this site. People do read comments, and check out who's interested. We haven't gotten to the 'threaten Disney' stage where we suggest that if they don't include Yori, its over for the TRON FRANCHISE because we're still trying to get the idea out there that it only makes sense to include and tie up the plot holes which have to do with Lora and Yori. They still have a chance. I will continue to do what I can, will you?


The Trio of Tron, and Techno-Surrealism


The world of TRON is essentially a dual-vision of a not-too-distant-future from 1982. One in which a corporation is exploiting geniuses to make money, from what would be those on the cutting edge of technology, we know this has already happened. In one side of this world, our young brilliant protagonists join together to bring down the 'senior executive' of Encom who is fully corrupt, and strangely enough, being manipulated by an evil artificially intelligent computer system. Today we would call these characters, Flynn, Alan and Lora, "whistleblowers," who sneak into Encom to retrieve evidence of Dillinger's crimes. The villain is a corporate criminal, and this story is reminiscent of the stories of Bill Gates, or Steve Jobs, building a computer empire on the backs of clever software engineers who have entirely different motives than these "Ayn Rand heroes" like Dillinger. These are the heroes of the Cyberpunk era, the anti-establishment underdogs who fight back with technology, and in this case, technology which most people didn't really have access to.

The other side of TRON is a dreamworld. It is a surreal flipside of what these characters are doing, and what their actions represent. However, TRON predicts not specific technology, but this scenario which would occur because of the technology, and not the technology itself. The 'dreamworld' of the Grid is a mirror world of what we are shown taking place at the beginning of the movie. It is a mirror world which has everything to do with the technology in the movie, and takes its form from it, but not in any technical or realistically accurate sense, this is not a 'virtual reality' like the Matrix, this is a surrealistic cinematic device. What is happening inside the Grid, while being the entire focus of the movie, just as Oz is the entire focus of the Wizard of Oz, and not Kansas, the reason for this is not to depict what really happens inside computers, but an allegory of what we might do with our computers when we are faced with such situations such as with Dillinger and Encom.

The Grid also shows us that what we do with our technology has another side to it we rarely think about, and that what happens there in that world, will also reflect back. Tron takes on a tyrannical system, and changes it, and these ideas must find their way back into our real lives as well. It isn't merely some sort of fantasy video game, it is illustrating the philosophy of our human characters in what they are doing in the real world. There is something very wrong with people like Dillinger, they are truly villains in the sense of the fantastic, egomaniacal conniving sociopaths who must be stopped. They are the barrier which holds us all back, from seeing what we need to see, doing what we need to do, in order to change the world.

The world inside the computer in TRON is not really a world inside a computer, not even in the sense of a virtual creation like "the Matrix" it is a parallel dream vision of what the characters at the beginning are trying to accomplish. The strange ironies illustrate and apply unique meanings to everything our 'real world' characters are doing. There is much in TRON that requires reading between the lines, and it is beyond 'political' in its intentions. FLYNN could have been a real person in the 80s, as well as Alan and Lora, there is nothing particularly unlikely or fantastic about them, they could have been any real person working in any number of companies which existed at the time. This also could have been the real story of any of these types of people at any given company at the time as well.

Within the flipside computer generated dreamworld, these archtypes Tron, Clu, and Yori act as mythological versions of their real world counterparts. FLYNN's dream, or journey into this other world is describing and illustrating a set of ideas which are intended to carry us as we face all these new technologies which had their dawn in the late 70s and early 80s.

Alan is decent enough guy, one who finds out that one day even he can be restricted. One day you wake up and your account is closed, your password changed, your access restricted. This is motivation enough to want to fight the system, and when it happens to someone like Alan, you know that we're in a world of trouble.

Lora is consigned to making a device which scans real world objects and transfers them into data, imagine what Encom could do with a device like that in the future...(I refer you to watch "CAPTAIN POWER and the SOLDIERS OF THE FUTURE to follow that train of thought). You know that such huge corporations will do bad things with it. However, Lora's laser also represents something else, this 'thing' she's made which presumably Encom owns, or Dillinger will later re-appropriate, is the thing which brings Flynn into the dreamworld, but more importantly, allows Flynn to get 'in there' and do something important. Flynn is off being a bit immature, and he's caught up in the world of videogames, and he's good at it, at both creating them, and playing them. He needs a shining light that points him to his destiny, and Lora's laser essentially is that light. In another context, Lora's device, something which turns something into nothing and back into something again, has an even greater meaning. People like Flynn are somewhat egomaniacal themselves, hackers can be quite arrogant about their accomplishments, and what they truly need are two things: the moral imperative of people like Alan, and the ego-shattering inspiration of people like Lora. She destroys him, and brings him back to 'something' and that something is heroic. (and he brings her back later as well) This is a mythological archtype.

Alan needs a bit of Flynn, he's a little uptight, and Lora needs someone like Alan to wake up to the fact that she's starting to get lost in work that is basically going to be completely repurposed by people like Dillinger. Alan's straightforward and justified bitching about the MCP and the 'conspiracy' of Dillinger is something she needs to take seriously, and she does, leading Alan to Flynn, so they can all get on with doing the right thing.

There is some brilliance in these characters, though most critics call them 'wooden' and undeveloped. What happens inside the computer dream world, mirrors the above in more literal ways. Yori/Lora is basically hypnotized in her work by Sark and the MCP, Tron wakes her up. Flynn brings her back to life with his energy. These are literal illustrations of what would be happening 'in the real world.'

Yori is seen 'creating' or bringing into existence the Solar Sailer. This 'ship' looks a lot like a butterfly, a creature of transformation, or transcendence. She reclaims it, or steals it, it is hers, it is her transformation, through the inspiration of Tron's crusade and Flynn's energy. When they are caught by Sark, Flynn brings her 'back to life' with his energy or 'hope' and if she can steal and operate this Solar Sailer, why not Sark's ship? What is Sark's ship? Sark is abandoning it to be 'de-rezzed' which is just like corporations and their wasteful and destructive use of resources, and 'built in obsolescence.' She 'recycles' the Carrier, and takes Flynn to the MCP communication beam. Her ability to apply the skill for one program to a completely different one, and 're-purpose' it is the 'idea' which takes Flynn to the 'communication beam.' Everything about Lora and Yori have to do with 'beams of light.'

Flynn, the cocky and somewhat arrogant hacker/gamer/programmer 'sacrifices' himself by jumping into the light. This is his transformation and transcendence. Tron uses a 'data disc' to destroy the MCP. Previously, this disc was nothing but a tool for the 'games' and now it is a weapon to take down the system, a simple disc, in other words, information. Tron doesn't use a laser gun, he uses information, and it is information that Flynn needs to take down Dillinger, and it is information which Alan would be 'freeing' with his program. Information is what Lora's laser points to, when it transforms things or 'people' into 'data.'

TRON is the surreal story of transformation of certain characters which could be anybody in the real world, working at various similar jobs, and how and what they must do to 'free the system.' All of this is still relevant today. The surreal background of the 'computer world' illustrates where this struggle will take place, and that is in some sort of 'technological landscape' something which William Gibson called 'cyberspace.'

You're there right now, if you're reading this. You're staring not at printed words on a page, you're staring at electronic light. You're in the world abstractly imagined by TRON, and so the question is, what are you going to do now, User?



TRON UPRISING is the next project Disney has in store for us in exploring the TRON franchise. It has been announced to be a 10-part animated television series starring Bruce Boxleitner, Elijah Wood, Lance Henriksen and Paul Reubens. What we know so far is that a teaser trailer was added to the DVD and Blu-Ray of TRON LEGACY, and that it will appear on Disney XD. According to Stitch Kingdom, it will premiere January 3rd, 2012 as a Disney Channel Original Movie, essentially a pilot for the series which, while other reports state a spring release. The series itself will air on Disney XD 'at the beginning of summer.'

A preview of the series will screened Friday July 23 at Comic-Con, so we will know more after that. Lance Henriksen who plays 'General Tesler' has briefly spoken about his role at Fearnet.com, saying "I play a big general in it, second in command from the top guy. And of course all megalomaniacs that are power hungry, they want to be on top. That's the character I'm playing. He's a rough guy and a manipulator." He also stated on his Facebook page, "They are letting me try things,really good director ...Tesler is going for the brass ring..." MTV Movies Blog interviewed TRON himself, Bruce Boxleitner, who revealed: "In this story, Tron is a much more battle-hardened warrior than you’ve seen before. It’s like 'The Mask of Zorro' where he’s looking for a young one to train and to have that master-student relationship.” I think that we are all looking forward to seeing (or in this case 'hearing') the return of Bruce Boxleitner as Tron.

The series takes place before the events of TRON LEGACY and after the original TRON. “For both my character and the franchise, this new animated series continues on as an evocative new chapter in its life.” We may end up hearing more details after the D23 EXPO, and we are all of course wondering, will YORI be in this series?

As of now, there is nothing to indicate this, and while it may be possible, the scripts may have all already been written, and production is under way. However, there is nothing stopping any of the producers from at the very least adding a reference, or a mention of Yori, or even an easter egg, which may set up something in TRON 3. If they're smart they will do this. We should continue to ask the question "Where's Yori?" at conventions, at interviews and at panels which will begin for this series THIS YEAR. Press the issue. Twitter it. The key query is "WHERE'S YORI?" All you have to do is post this as the articles come across the web, in comments sections and forums when the stream of news begins. We must try to continue to force the issue back on them which they forced on us: Where was Yori, and why is Cindy Morgan not in Tron Uprising, and will she be in TRON 3?


So...what happened to Yori?

So...what happened to Yori?

You know. It is the obvious question. Simply from a storytelling perspective. Its a logical question. Only a bad writer forgets about a main character he has written somewhere in the last act of the story.

Well. You're the ones who decided to make a sequel and finally make TRON into a franchise. Don't talk to me about videogame plots. Don't talk to me about comic books. Those things are great, but can I watch them like movies?

I'll tell you what. I'll start considering the TRON 2.0 videogame when a fan screen-captures the entire game and edits it into a movie I can watch on Youtube. (The same applies with TRON EVOLUTION). (Hey man, its Tron stuff, I have the freakin soundtracks to those games, believe me, I'm all about it, but they ain't the movies, and they ain't any more part of the story than all those novels George Lucas came out with before EMPIRE STRIKES BACK came out.) I understand that TRON videogames are fun. I think TRON DEADLY DISCS, MAZE-A-TRON and SOLAR SAILER are awesome. Good fun. Not exactly part of any story which can be taken seriously though.

Comic books are interesting, but they've never really drawn me in, and the makers of TRON know that not everybody is going to read comic books. And, since you're not willing to hire real writers to write TRON novels, and are only willing to put out some children's books, there's no material here which answers our questions.

So the question remains, and the question remains obvious. What happened to Yori? What happened to Lora Baines? We gather that the intention was that Alan married Lora, and so we thought, Tron and Yori lived happily ever after...but not in TRON LEGACY.

For months before TRON LEGACY came out, I asked myself, where the hell's "Tron?" He's not in the trailers, nobody's talking about "Tron." After all, he's the title character. It's called "TRON" for a reason, not FLYNN. As it turns out he's a mystery character, it would have been a spoiler, I get it, it didn't really work excellently, but turned out alright, and I get it...our Tron has gone evil, and he became Rinzler. Not a bad idea, actually, a pretty good idea, but you forgot to provide a 'motivation' for his redemption...seriously guys, read the script that's been written next time, before you start filming it. Now people love this movie. Now here we are, ready to pony up more money to see another one. That's a good sign. All we expect is that you do the rational storytelling thing...and let us know what happened to Lora and Yori. Is that really too much to ask? The silence and mystery around this whole thing is a bit weird. Unless, we're about to all be pleasantly surprised that YORI created the ISOs, and LORA builds a new laser to create a new Grid. Something like that would be most excellent, but all we're saying here is, you have one gigantic 'trilogy plothole' if you don't tell us what happened. This isn't some campaign to get 'Crewman No. 6' from Episode 63 to be in your next movie, this is a main character you nutballs! We're trying to STOP you from making a BIG mistake here. We're on your side.

TRON and CLU were re-booted into Flynn's new Grid. That I understand. We are now about to get a television series which is a prequel to TRON LEGACY. Sounds like a plan, sounds like a way to explain some things. So far, it doesn't sound like YORI is in TRON UPRISING. Um. Why the hell not?

Did Dr. McCoy get booted from STAR TREK THE WRATH OF KHAN? Nope. Did Princess Leia not appear in THE EMPIRE STRIKES BACK or RETURN OF THE JEDI? No. Did Officer Lewis disappear from ROBOCOP 2? Not at all. (Well Hicks and Newt did get totally screwed out of ALIEN 3....for no good reason.) I've done negative campaigns before, they certainly don't work. I'm trying to be positive here, because I did like TRON LEGACY, so this is most certainly a positive campaign. Help us out here guys, we do want to go forward with you on this. But let's be real...

So you gave us TRON LEGACY. Great. Good job. Now...what's the explanation? There isn't one. Lora Bradley appears in a promo video. Cool. That's a start. Ram is there too in another one. Nice work. Now, we can all say, hey, TRON LEGACY...good second chapter, now finish the story with the original characters. Otherwise, TRON LEGACY will eventually become seen as nothing but an extravagant scheme of some sort to make a big 3-D special effects film. Let me say this: IT MAKES NO SENSE NOT TO HAVE LORA OR YORI in any future installments of TRON. Karen Allen returned in the last Indiana Jones film, which might have been the only good thing about that movie, but at least they tied it up with the beginning of the story. You have made a better film than Spielberg, TRON LEGACY is 10 times better moviemaking, and even storytelling than INDIANA JONES AND THE CRYSTAL SKULLS. (Or whatever the hell they called it.) So that's telling you something isn't it?

I'm telling you guys, not only is there NO REASON to ignore this character, the TRON franchise will basically make no sense if it does not include these characters. I understand you have a couple new characters. That is inevitable. It happens in every sequel. Good idea with Dillinger's son. Great idea. Now... let's take advantage of the story we already have. There is so much that can be done with Yori and Lora, it would be utterly absurd not to include them. If you, DISNEY, actually continue to ignore these characters, well, then there is something seriously backwards and wrong with you. Maybe we're all being silly here, but you must realize what we're beginning to realize, the first TRON movie was something more extraordinary than what most of us really imagined. Its ideas apply to the world we live in today, in some very strange ways, and bravo to Steven Lisberger for that. One very particular element of that is Yori.

George Lucas obviously destroyed Star Wars with his prequels, because he ignored simple storytelling issues which he supposedly created in the first place, and for some reason could not maintain them in these crap prequels, and now, they're laughable failures which few people can even remotely take seriously. Do you want that to happen? Do you really think you can pull one over on us? You're still in good company here, most of us accept TRON LEGACY, and love the ideas in it, all you have to do now is hire a writer who knows what he's doing, and how to finish this story the way it should be finished. We're not telling you HOW to involve YORI and LORA in TRON 3, or TRON UPRISING, we're simply telling you, if you go forward without these characters, your TRON 3 will go down in history, after all this work you did on TRON LEGACY, as disappointing as TERMINATOR 3, as idiotic as REVENGE OF THE SITH, and as half-assed as ALIEN 3. Don't make this mistake. You have plenty of time, and plenty of lessons you can learn from here. We're not asking you to give 'Guard #2' a starring role here, we're not asking you to make sure you include the "BIT," we're asking you to return to the third main character of TRON. I just have to ask...what's the issue here? I mean, what's the deal? Does YORI piss you off that much or something?

Come on guys, I know you like money, and that this is a business, well--don't make a stupid business decision where you kill a huge money making franchise because you don't know how to write a script. This really is that simple.



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YORI: Horror vacui

Something is happening because Disney created a vacuum. Out of the machine cometh a ghost, and with that, an old idea has become new again. Nature abhors a vacuum. In physics horror vacui is a theory first proposed by Aristotle in the Fourth book of Physics (or Physica) that nature abhors a vacuum, and therefore empty space would always be trying to suck in gas or liquids to avoid being empty.

TRON LEGACY had three major flaws in my opinion, and one of those flaws was not necessarily because YORI, LORA BAINES, nor Cindy Morgan were absent, and though it contained certain flaws, it still managed to shine in the face of them, and mean something, but with the absence of Yori/Lora Baines/Cindy Morgan, it essentially forces the issue. What happened to Yori? To Lora?

The first flaw was 3-D, and essentially because this may have lost them many viewers. I did not go to the theater to see TRON LEGACY, I bought it and watched it on DVD. I don't wish to be distracted while being absorbed in a story. When 3-D crap comes flying off the screen, it is only distracting from the story, by taking you and somehow giving you this artificial sense that something is 'three dimensional' or 'real' while you're sitting in a movie theater is a really bad idea from a storytelling sense. The second flaw was computer generated Jeff Bridges. It would have worked better if they only used that effect while inside the 'computer world,' and not in scenes at the beginning which are supposed to reflect 'reality' or normal life outside the Grid. It is somehow more believable inside the 'Grid' because these are, after all, computer generated people. The third flaw is character development of "TRON" and "QUORRA."

However, I do think this movie was even still good enough to survive, entertain, make people think and be 're-watchable' though it contained these obvious flaws. That is saying something. It is still the sort of movie one can watch again and again, for there are many other layers to it which are fascinating. It also brought "TRON" back into public consciousness, thus inspiring a massive amount of artwork, both audio and visual. The "Tron Phenomenon" is back, and is still lurking around. Who's still painting themselves blue because of Avatar? Anybody make Avatar Furniture? Anybody do Avatar Remixes?

The absence of Cindy Morgan however has done one thing in particular, and that is to magnify what her characters were, and what they represented in the original TRON movie. What Disney has done here is they've ignored something that really shouldn't

have been ignored, and though they have two more opportunities to explain, right now what matters is that we look at who YORI and LORA were in this crazy movie which has inspired so many people. In a way, by not developing 'TRON' or 'RINZLER' in TRON LEGACY, they have made people only more curious, they have in effect created a new 'Boba Fett.'

'Boba Fett' is a character created by Ralph McQuarrie for Star Wars, which barely appeared, but when he did, it made quite an impact, and so much so that Boba Fett is one of the major 'iconic' characters in Star Wars. His lack of dialogue, mystery and obscurity brought him to the forefront in ways that George Lucas had never really intended. "Rinzler" ends up with a motivationally flawed 'redemption' in terms of the story, but has captured the imaginations of many new TRON fans. The character has been the focus of countless speculations as to what happened to him and what will happen to him in future installments.

What is evident now, regarding "YORI" is that we have a character who, while the TRON story continues, is left in the shadows. Nature abhors a vacuum. The story of Lora and Alan, and Yori and Tron is yet to be told. But even more interesting is what can happen with a character after movies have come and gone, and to what status the public holds them, and what kind of icon they became, and still can become. When one looks at "YORI" one finds something interesting when placed into the context of the world of internet memes and pop-icons, mythological ideas. A meme spreads generally on its own, a 'viral video' is what it is because people will find it fascinating for whatever reasons, and though it takes some time for many of these things, others take no time at all. In this case, YORI's time hasn't fully come, but it is really just around the corner, and perhaps if DISNEY is smart, they will see just what is going on here.

YORI ended up in a void, probably because the young writers had no idea how to interpret YORI or what to do with the character, but possibly for other reasons, which no one can speculate on, but one thing YORI does represent is the currently unfulfilled potential of

the internet's "USERS" to take their inspiration from the TRON MOVIES, and fuse them intellectually with their own artistic talents and abilities. YORI in a literal context of the story, is a 'design program,' in an allegorical sense, the fulfillment of the USER to utilize the creativity, which may not have yet fully been explored. YORI is the element of 'chaos' inside the computer system, which ends up rebelling and overthrowing the status quo, aiding programs such as TRON, and FLYNN himself, in attaining true 'usefulness' of her technological application. This concept in TRON, is the 'meaning' of which the 'programs' seek. When they are cut off from their USERS by the MCP, they begin to act on their own. They retain some sort of echo or reverberation, and likeness of their creators, or Users. YORI gets TRON to his User, Alan One. Lora gets Alan to Flynn, so they can hack into the system. Lora gets Flynn into the Grid, in a way, and in a way, gets him to the beam, to get out. She is a means, and without her, our heroes would be still battling on the Grid against Sark.

Her integral 'usefulness' also plays on the idea of both what she is as a program, as well as who she is to these characters. Yori's creativity in her apartment in the deleted scene shows that she's standing up to the system to fulfill herself in one way, and this creativity by elaborate artistic decoration or expression, is also something by which TRON or the audience can have an admiration for, even romantically, as it is presented in the deleted scene. She isn't just a design program, she's a design-er. The value of this cannot be discounted, especially in the importance of defeating the tyranny represented by the MCP, but also it is important to responding to the terror of these new technologies we create. If we do not apply art to these things, not by designing them, but by examining them, by abstractly imagining something 'about' them, we will all fail miserably, and this technology will overtake us all.

We may need the spirit of Freedom and courage of Tron, and the cleverness and ingenuity of Flynn, but we will also need the Chaos of Yori. In Tron Legacy, because the roles become reversed to illustrate a point, that Tron and Clu have become evil, our creations have gotten away from us, they will hold us to the 'perfections' we demand of them, we would have probably seen Yori as the Chaos of destruction, and had they thought about it, they would have included her, as probably designing the weapons by which CLU would destroy the ISOs, however this is not particularly necessary, and by being the 'odd man out,' or woman in this case, YORI's chaos could very well have brought the ISOs into existence. I cannot write TRON 3, so I cannot tell you what they will do with the character, and I cannot tell the writers what to do with the character, but I can recommend what you can do with the character, and that is to see it for what it is.

Some may consider this whole idea, "a nerd's conceptual view of the world" with his silly cult film icons, catch-phrases and mythic symbols, but tell that to those guys who named the space program going to the moon, "Apollo." It is just the way things seem to happen. In this case, and perhaps even this site we're caught up in the Yori meme, maybe we're responsible for it, maybe not, but all we're saying is that there is something to this. Its there in the void, ready to be reached for, and it can happen and Chaos can then spread through the Grid.

Yori ends up being something particularly 'needed' at this time, and because this character isn't a cliche like Quorra, and represents something to us in our endeavor to understand technology and the world, acting as an Icon for these ideas, once people begin to grasp the significance, they will see, that even while TRON is still becoming an internet icon of freedom, Yori has another dimension to add, which is nowhere else to be seen, from any other cultural meme.

Yori not only 'Lives,' Yori's chaos will flow into this vacuum, and in this very odd way in which these things work, restore balance to the Grid.


Campaign Update: Deviantshare

Currently, if you look to the far lower right of this page, you will see a widget called Deviantshare. It currently has my Deviantart gallery, however, anyone with Tron art is welcome to contact me and have their gallery links posted there instead. We could alternate anybody who wants their Tron art posted in the sidebar from week to week. I am currently attempting to figure out if there are direct-to-deviantart gadgets for the Gallery. Otherwise I am going to re-organize the gallery better suited to organized viewing, which means the pics may be smaller, but more will be available, and it will look better. Right now it has been posted with basic blogger code which scatters them all over the page. I will be fixing this soon. If anybody out there wants to contact me about ideas, etc, or has art they would like displayed, contact me here. They of course must be YORI or Cindy Morgan related. In the coming next couple of weeks, expect to see more graphically oriented stuff. Please comment in the articles, and below this one if you wish to add anything. The only way to ensure this project continues is by showing your support. Join the facebook groups, etc, and leave comments, if you're not going to actually contribute any art or ideas or anything which is perfectly okay, not everybody is an artist... Right now, this is the 'newest' TRON thing happening, so enjoy it.


Art of Peter Breese: Yori - Cindy Morgan

Peter Breese’s illustrations and artwork have appeared in a variety of publications, including The New Devil’s Dictionary: A New Version of the Cynical Classic, Spectrum 18, They Draw & Cook, Me: In focus, Covet, and Ballad Of. His work has been exhibited in galleries in Los Angeles, Dallas, Denver, Ann Arbor, and Key West, and his commissioning clients range from fashion boutiques to Hollywood Stars. Peter lives in Ann Arbor, Michigan, with his wife and two children. Peter Breese's style is reminiscent of French poster artist, Rene Gruau with hints of the Belle Epoque.

South Pointe Gallery offers several hand signed and numbered lithographs by Peter Breese.


See his "TRON a la Breese" Article and Cindy Morgan Sketches at his Blog



Yori Programming Feats

A long time ago, at a place called the Palo Alto Research Center, Xerox put a bunch of people together to develop a whole lot of stuff for what might be considered the sort of computers we use now. This was before Bill Gates and Steve Jobs messed about with Microsoft and Apple. Many things were discovered and invented there, and it might have been the sort of place Alan Bradley worked.

Two men who worked there were to later co-found a company called Adobe. John Warnock and Charles Geschke would develop a graphics language controlling printing. When Apple finally developed a graphical interface for their personal computers, and then a way you could change fonts and manipulate images, it was all fine and well, but you sure couldn't print that crap, you could only look at it on your screen. Warnock and Geschke's 'page description language' and PostScript, thus brought the digital design from the digital realm to the real world, and voila, stuff from your computer could be brought forth, manifested, onto a printed page.

While Computer-Aided Design goes all the way back to 1960, for the masses, the everyman, it might have been this moment, and Adobe's programs which made it possible for you, for me, for all of us, to have what we have, in the way of designing, and printing, bringing ideas into the Three-Dimensional world, through the device you are utilizing to read this article.

At Encom, what would have been a separate entity which pre-dated Apple and Microsoft, inside a single mainframe, and not a personal computer, existed a program which was a particularly unique design application. It was able to command a series of sub-functions, all handling various details of the design process, one for color perhaps, one for wire-framing, one for rendering, and put the ideas and designs of the USERS into digital reality. This program was called YORI.

We do not know who created this program, but it has been speculated that Dr.Lora Baines developed it. At Encom, she created the Digitizing Laser, which could store physical objects in a computer. It may be that this idea came from her research into the algorithms of the computer-aided design process, and how objects exist in virtual space.

Yori, during the Program Rebellion, when the MCP denied the USERS access, along with other Programs seemed to develop minds of their own, and while a program called Tron was able to literally 'fight back' against the Master Control Program, other programs were able to detach, and refuse commands from the MCP to seemingly operate on their own.

As Tron was able to utilize and manipulate various conceptual elements from different programming systems, even though he was applied, along with hundreds of other programs to become video games by the MCP, Yori was also able to find some way to take a 3-D simulation called the 'Solar Sailer' and apply it to use in navigation to escape the permutations of the MCP. Nobody knows to this day just how all these programs were able to do these things, and we are only recently beginning to understand.

Yori managed to utilize all the functions of a C.A.D. program, and apply all sorts of seemingly unrelated theories and algorithms along with Tron and User Flynn, to crash the Master Control Program, which was itself developing its own Artificial Intelligence.