Campaign Update: Deviantshare

Currently, if you look to the far lower right of this page, you will see a widget called Deviantshare. It currently has my Deviantart gallery, however, anyone with Tron art is welcome to contact me and have their gallery links posted there instead. We could alternate anybody who wants their Tron art posted in the sidebar from week to week. I am currently attempting to figure out if there are direct-to-deviantart gadgets for the Gallery. Otherwise I am going to re-organize the gallery better suited to organized viewing, which means the pics may be smaller, but more will be available, and it will look better. Right now it has been posted with basic blogger code which scatters them all over the page. I will be fixing this soon. If anybody out there wants to contact me about ideas, etc, or has art they would like displayed, contact me here. They of course must be YORI or Cindy Morgan related. In the coming next couple of weeks, expect to see more graphically oriented stuff. Please comment in the articles, and below this one if you wish to add anything. The only way to ensure this project continues is by showing your support. Join the facebook groups, etc, and leave comments, if you're not going to actually contribute any art or ideas or anything which is perfectly okay, not everybody is an artist... Right now, this is the 'newest' TRON thing happening, so enjoy it.