Happy Birthday Cindy Morgan

Happy Birthday Cindy Morgan

Best known as “Lacey Underall” in CADDYSHACK, and “Yori” in TRON, Cindy Morgan was born Cynthia Ann Cichorski on September 29 in Chicago, Ill, not far from Wrigley field. The daughter of a Polish factory worker and German mother, Cindy survived 12 years of Catholic school and was the first in her family to attend college.

While studying communications at Northern Illinois University, Cindy spun records on the radio. A commercial station in town wanted her to report the news for them as well, and so a slight deception was needed. She used the name Cindy Morgan, taken from a story Cindy read about Morgan le Fay when she was twelve years old.

After graduation, Cindy gave all the latest meteorological news on a TV station in Rockford, Ill. She also kept her hand in radio by working the graveyard shift at a local rock station. Then she returned to Chicago and deejayed on WSDM (now WLUP). During a labor dispute at the station, she literally quit on the air and walked out with a record still spinning on the turntable.

She found employment at auto shows for Fiat, which took her to both coasts. Cindy moved to Los Angeles in 1978, and became the Irish Spring girl. While she did TV commercials, she studied acting, and was rewarded with her first screen role in CADDYSHACK, playing the role of Lacey Underall, an over-amorous ingenue.

Disney made film history with TRON, the first computer-generated film. Cindy played two characters: Lora, a compute programmer in the “real” world, and Yori, her alter-ego in the film’s computer generated flights of imagination.

Cindy Morgan’s television credits to date include “Falconcrest”, “The Larry Sanders Show”, “Amazing Stories” and “Bring ‘Em Back Alive”.

Cindy also associate-produced five films with Larry Estes, best known for “Sex, Lies and Videotape”.



Tron Lightcycle Giveaway

Parker Brothers Choppers is having a video contest and the prize is their custom TRON LIGHTCYCLE. All you have to do is register on their website, submit a video no longer than 3 minutes telling them why you deserve their lightcycle.

If anybody wished they had a Tron lightcycle it would be me, and though I'd submit a video that would be pretty good, I just don't have the time. So why not give it a try?

That's quite a prize that I'm not even sure you can even go out and buy. Find out what's going on at their website.

Check out the video below.


YORI COSTUME from 2010

Sarah Richardson shares some pics of her Yori Costume from 2010. Great costume. If you have made a Yori costume, or would like to contribute your pics from conventions, of any Yori or Cindy Morgan related events, this is the kind of thing that will help this campaign. If you'd like to contribute articles, pics of your artwork, this will help.

In order to spread the word, and help the campaign to return Cindy Morgan to TRON in any future installments, fans of Yori, and Cindy Morgan must get on board and show us your stuff. We're always welcoming contributions from fans, the idea is to build the momentum, and put our voices and heads together to show Disney that there are plenty of people out here who want Yori, or Lora, Cindy Morgan back.

By building up a collection of fans united, as well as artwork, thoughts, ideas and anything you can think of to support this cause, we're sure to succeed.

Show your fan support, we're not asking you for money, just send us something, a link, a pic, your fan art, whatever you feel you have time and energy to contribute. Yori only Lives, if you spread the word. You can post links, join the facebook group, and become friends with Yori Lives on facebook.

Perhaps if enough people send in their Yori Costume pics, we can create a Yori Costume Gallery. If you'd like to help out with the site, post a message in the I/O Tower.


Terminator: The Cindy Morgan Chronicles

Cindy Morgan as 'Sarah Connor?' It could have happened. TheArnoldFans.com has an interview with Cindy Morgan about her auditioning for the original Terminator movie. My, wouldn't that have been great? Perhaps if it hadn't been for James Cameron's personal obsession with Linda Hamilton, it might have happened.

If anybody knows me, they know about my own personal Terminator obsessions, and this story made my day. I'm a little late on the discovery of it, but perhaps one day I'll get to ask Cindy Morgan more about it.

If Linda Hamilton isn't up for the next Terminator film, and the idiots who are making it completely ignore the incredible television series starring Lena Headey, and don't even bother to ask her...

Sarah Connor is right there to your left folks.

Read the Interview over at TheArnoldFans.Com Here


Yori Lives Update

Well, after a bit of a slow-down in Tron hype, and some time off, there's still a lot of things to come here on YORI LIVES. We're still trying to encourage people to contribute, and there's a possible contest in the works here soon, we still have a few months before the premiere of TRON UPRISING, so hopefully we'll be doing some interesting things to get fans more active. If you haven't done anything yet, now's the time to help out. This summer was a whole host of new articles and

events in which the word got out even more about YORI LIVES.

We thank all the artists once again who gave us permission to post their artwork here, and you still can if you haven't yet.Remember, that one great thing you can do, if you don't have time to do anything else, is when you read or see articles on TRON, comment, or ask about Yori. Declare Yori Lives! And by continuing to do this, the word will continue to get out.

It seems we're getting most of our page views from facebook and deviantart. Become a friend of Yori Lives on facebook and join the 3100 supporters of Yori Lives.


Yori Still Lives...

...and so do I...

After an unfortunate and unexpected series of events, I'm back on the Grid, and will begin posting here again, to continue the campaign.