Terminator: The Cindy Morgan Chronicles

Cindy Morgan as 'Sarah Connor?' It could have happened. TheArnoldFans.com has an interview with Cindy Morgan about her auditioning for the original Terminator movie. My, wouldn't that have been great? Perhaps if it hadn't been for James Cameron's personal obsession with Linda Hamilton, it might have happened.

If anybody knows me, they know about my own personal Terminator obsessions, and this story made my day. I'm a little late on the discovery of it, but perhaps one day I'll get to ask Cindy Morgan more about it.

If Linda Hamilton isn't up for the next Terminator film, and the idiots who are making it completely ignore the incredible television series starring Lena Headey, and don't even bother to ask her...

Sarah Connor is right there to your left folks.

Read the Interview over at TheArnoldFans.Com Here