Yori Returns In TRON UPRISING...sort of...

      In the recent episode of TRON UPRISING,   "We Both Know How this Ends,"  Episode 12 of this Season 1, we get a brief cameo appearance of... Yori's costume... in some sort of 'glass' case. The character, Able, seems to have a fascination with the old "Grid" of the original TRON movie, and some sort of connection with "Tron."

Perhaps there is a story behind all this, and I would assume there is.

How did he get all these old Tron items, bits, old lightcycles, etc? How did he get Yori's uniform, or is that perhaps Yori in stasis? Perhaps she is actually in there, saved in some sort of digital pod, having received similar 'injuries' like TRON?  How did get hold of this? Does it mean anything at all? Perhaps so... we'll have to tune in to find out...


Tron 3: Expectations and Possibilities


The news is out: TRON 3 is in the works officially. So what should we expect? It appears a script was written or being written, and another writer has been hired to perhaps add to, or touch up the script. It could very well be that this new writer has been hired to enhance dialog, to flesh out relationships of the characters, or  other unknown details. While there are always expectations of fans, what might we really expect? 

Well, of course we'd like to see the return of certain characters, but are our expectations realistic? Are they logical? TRON LEGACY ends with the 'death' of  Kevin Flynn, or what appears to be his 'death,' one never knows in science fiction, perhaps he's still in that little flash drive Sam holds in his hand at the end. The  "character" of Quorra is now in the 'real world,' and we have the logical expectation that she will appear and meet characters in the 'real world.' 

We have characters we know she can meet which would perform logical functions in such a story, besides Sam.  Dan Shor, "Ram," Roy Kleinberg is a computer expert who can be trusted to study the Disc from the Grid that likely made its way through with Quorra, how this works we do not know, and whether or not it shows up merely as 'information' which is also on that little flash drive, "Ram" Kleinberg is the obvious hacker who could look at that data. He would be an obvious choice to be a technical exposition provider in the 'real world,' and if they invent a new character to perform this function, I'm out, I'm seriously opting out of the TRON 3 movie  completely. Not to involve original characters which would be obvious, and have 'younger, sexier' characters invented is simply stupid.  Cindy Morgan's character of  "Lora" is also obvious, as she is likely married to Alan Bradley, which we hope would be in the movie as well. He is not only Sam's 'surrogate' father, that might also mean that Cindy Morgan is Sam's 'surrogate mother,' as well, outside his own grandparents. Lora's logical function in the story, if our characters end up being even  remotely interested in the idea, once they learn of the 'GRID' and meet Quorra would be to be part of the investigation, whether it be Alan's personal inquiry, or an  official Encom investigation as to how all this might have happened technologically. (If they decide to go there in the story.) As shown to us in the Tron Legacy Prequel Comic story, Lora Bradley who may have gone to  Washington D.C. to lobby Congress for any number of reasons, whether it be Net Neutrality, the use of Encom tech in Drones, the unethical treatment of workers in  Lithium mines, we have no idea, could play a major role in conveying information which relates to the 'real world' situation involving Dillinger's potential schemes... Lora Bradley and Roy Kleinberg have many logical reasons to be in the story, and not simply there for cameo appearances. If they invent characters which basically replace these older characters, playing roles these older characters could have and should have very well played, then I'm ready to start bashing the film immediately for such stupid decisions, but we won't know until we get there.

Alan Bradley should obviously be in the story, and we would hope, play a major role, because if they decide ONCE AGAIN not to have "TRON" himself, well, why are they still calling this "TRON," and if not, they better have Alan Bradley. David Warner, if they can film this movie before he leaves this world, is the logical antagonist, and with his son, we have the possibility of a nice antagonist plot, which could have twists... will his son ultimately be his ally or his enemy? What evil plot might Dillinger be concocting? Possibly another megalomaniacal scheme involving 'control' of technology, today we have DRONES, the internet, any number of things which could have thrilling and real world consequences to put our characters in jeopardy and keep the audience riveted. Well written plot ideas which connect younger audiences with older ones might include the older generation of hackers, Roy and Alan, with their philosophical comment on today's technology, and younger  hackers, Dillinger Jr, and Sam and their worldview. Quorra gets thrown into the mix to open up a whole new world of questions and possibilities. If this sequel ends up being  nothing more but another rehash action flick, it could be the most disappointing and wasted opportunity in cinema history.  

We also have the possibility of adding even more current events into the mix, by adding Peter Jurasik, "CROM," also known in the real world as the User, "Mr. Henderson," from Wall Street. We know nothing of him, other than that back in the 80s, he was into the Savings and Loan business, and his program CROM was  usurped by the MCP. Possibly, Mr. Henderson could be up to new tricks by screwing with Wall Street computers, the Stock Market, and even being in cahoots with Ed Dillinger, and if David Warner doesn't make it to the year 2014, well we still have this great actor, Peter Jurasik kicking around, who could very well play that major villain.

What will Quorra's role be in the real world? Will our familiar characters, Alan, Roy, Lora, Sam do something with this new revelation of the 'GRID,' and what will  it mean to our antagonists, if they find out about it? What will they do with it/about it? "TRON" himself is somewhere on some hard drive, and it could very well be that he could be resurrected to fight his way inside the computer to defeat some diabolical plot hatched by Dillinger in the real world with some new computerized scheme.
Perhaps there is some aspect of Quorra that is significant to Dillinger that he can use in some master-control project, aimed at taking control of some systems, and only TRON can get to it, inside the internet, inside the world of systems in the data, within the computers.  

Perhaps a whole new version of the "GRID" will be introduced, possibly the idea of a Grid which is somehow more like the internet, rather than an isolated system,  and Lora, Alan and Sam must build a new laser system to transfer people or make it possible for people to get back inside for reasons integral to the plot. We hope  that these elements are not ignored by the new writers, but once again, we won't know until we get there. We would hope that just as TRON LEGACY made comment on our modern world and it's technology, that TRON 3 will attempt to take it even further, and not simply give us a cheap sequel with 'just enough action' and 'new  devices' to simply sell another movie.