Yori Lives Update

Well, after a bit of a slow-down in Tron hype, and some time off, there's still a lot of things to come here on YORI LIVES. We're still trying to encourage people to contribute, and there's a possible contest in the works here soon, we still have a few months before the premiere of TRON UPRISING, so hopefully we'll be doing some interesting things to get fans more active. If you haven't done anything yet, now's the time to help out. This summer was a whole host of new articles and

events in which the word got out even more about YORI LIVES.

We thank all the artists once again who gave us permission to post their artwork here, and you still can if you haven't yet.Remember, that one great thing you can do, if you don't have time to do anything else, is when you read or see articles on TRON, comment, or ask about Yori. Declare Yori Lives! And by continuing to do this, the word will continue to get out.

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