YORI COSTUME from 2010

Sarah Richardson shares some pics of her Yori Costume from 2010. Great costume. If you have made a Yori costume, or would like to contribute your pics from conventions, of any Yori or Cindy Morgan related events, this is the kind of thing that will help this campaign. If you'd like to contribute articles, pics of your artwork, this will help.

In order to spread the word, and help the campaign to return Cindy Morgan to TRON in any future installments, fans of Yori, and Cindy Morgan must get on board and show us your stuff. We're always welcoming contributions from fans, the idea is to build the momentum, and put our voices and heads together to show Disney that there are plenty of people out here who want Yori, or Lora, Cindy Morgan back.

By building up a collection of fans united, as well as artwork, thoughts, ideas and anything you can think of to support this cause, we're sure to succeed.

Show your fan support, we're not asking you for money, just send us something, a link, a pic, your fan art, whatever you feel you have time and energy to contribute. Yori only Lives, if you spread the word. You can post links, join the facebook group, and become friends with Yori Lives on facebook.

Perhaps if enough people send in their Yori Costume pics, we can create a Yori Costume Gallery. If you'd like to help out with the site, post a message in the I/O Tower.