TRON UPRISING is the next project Disney has in store for us in exploring the TRON franchise. It has been announced to be a 10-part animated television series starring Bruce Boxleitner, Elijah Wood, Lance Henriksen and Paul Reubens. What we know so far is that a teaser trailer was added to the DVD and Blu-Ray of TRON LEGACY, and that it will appear on Disney XD. According to Stitch Kingdom, it will premiere January 3rd, 2012 as a Disney Channel Original Movie, essentially a pilot for the series which, while other reports state a spring release. The series itself will air on Disney XD 'at the beginning of summer.'

A preview of the series will screened Friday July 23 at Comic-Con, so we will know more after that. Lance Henriksen who plays 'General Tesler' has briefly spoken about his role at Fearnet.com, saying "I play a big general in it, second in command from the top guy. And of course all megalomaniacs that are power hungry, they want to be on top. That's the character I'm playing. He's a rough guy and a manipulator." He also stated on his Facebook page, "They are letting me try things,really good director ...Tesler is going for the brass ring..." MTV Movies Blog interviewed TRON himself, Bruce Boxleitner, who revealed: "In this story, Tron is a much more battle-hardened warrior than you’ve seen before. It’s like 'The Mask of Zorro' where he’s looking for a young one to train and to have that master-student relationship.” I think that we are all looking forward to seeing (or in this case 'hearing') the return of Bruce Boxleitner as Tron.

The series takes place before the events of TRON LEGACY and after the original TRON. “For both my character and the franchise, this new animated series continues on as an evocative new chapter in its life.” We may end up hearing more details after the D23 EXPO, and we are all of course wondering, will YORI be in this series?

As of now, there is nothing to indicate this, and while it may be possible, the scripts may have all already been written, and production is under way. However, there is nothing stopping any of the producers from at the very least adding a reference, or a mention of Yori, or even an easter egg, which may set up something in TRON 3. If they're smart they will do this. We should continue to ask the question "Where's Yori?" at conventions, at interviews and at panels which will begin for this series THIS YEAR. Press the issue. Twitter it. The key query is "WHERE'S YORI?" All you have to do is post this as the articles come across the web, in comments sections and forums when the stream of news begins. We must try to continue to force the issue back on them which they forced on us: Where was Yori, and why is Cindy Morgan not in Tron Uprising, and will she be in TRON 3?