Yori Lives Campaign Update


We're slowly gaining ground in terms of web-presence. The first major thing that must be done is linking. When someone searches for "TRON UPRISING" or "TRON 3" the idea is that "YORI LIVES" can be connected to these upcoming projects when someone does a search, it can come up on their screens. As of right now, a search for Yori will turn up some results, and image searches will turn up some results, and we're getting a few hits a day, possibly more than other TRON sites, but it would be great if people submitted our links out there so we could gain 'more ground.'

If you actually want YORI in any future installment of TRON you're going to have to do the easy work which is submit links, and comment on anything TRON-UPRISING or TRON-3 related out there with either a link to the YORI LIVES FB page, or this Blog, or even a simple text "Yori Lives" or "Where's Yori" will do the trick.

This is the simplest and easiest thing you can do to help and make this happen. What this blog has to offer is more "Tron" content, and regular updates, while others wait for more Buzz on TRON UPRISING, you can either go to the YORI LIVES FB Page or this Blog for regular updated content about Tron and Yori. We've got videos, art, articles and lots of links. If you're a TRON Fan, this is a regular site you can go to get some cool stuff 'on the Grid.'

If you're a big Tron fan, you should help out, and contribute something. What can you contribute? You can send a link you found about TRON, you can write an article, you can send graphics, art or pictures you find, you can be creative and come up with something we haven't though of. This obviously isn't the only Tron Fan site in existence, and if you want a 'forum' I'd recommend you go to TRON SECTOR where one is already established, there you can communicate with other Tron fans about a variety of Tron subjects. If you're more of a Yori/Cindy Morgan Fan, then we need you here, to communicate to the world what you think, so commenting, and even writing an article here is what you can really do.

Each article that comes out about TRON UPRISING should be commented on by us, with the question and/or links to Yori Lives. Some suggest a petition to have Yori in TRON UPRISING, and while this allows you to voice your opinion, petitions have less effect than constantly seeing 'YORI' referenced in the publicly available articles which come out in the news on entertainment sites or news sites. Commenting on everything from videos, blogs, news articles, interviews, etc, about "Yori" will get it out there, and in the search engines, and constantly remind people about our cherished character, while a petition will only be read by those who sign it.

Writing Disney has a better chance of affecting anything than a petition, and while it may be ignored, and may not even reach anyone with any influence, it is 'getting out there' and doing something, and if you're willing to do that, it may have even more impact if you share links on the internet wherever you go, or even contribute art or an article HERE, because it helps to build the momentum in the framework of the "Net." Writing Disney can be considered as much a dead end as a petition, and even as much as posting your thoughts in a Tron-centric forum, as these things will probably never be found in any google search.

If you feel you can't do any of these things, then visit this site, so we know at least somebody is out there hitting it, and still interested. Commenting here lets us know people still care, and also every comment is in and of itself a contribution to this site. People do read comments, and check out who's interested. We haven't gotten to the 'threaten Disney' stage where we suggest that if they don't include Yori, its over for the TRON FRANCHISE because we're still trying to get the idea out there that it only makes sense to include and tie up the plot holes which have to do with Lora and Yori. They still have a chance. I will continue to do what I can, will you?