Yori Programming Feats

A long time ago, at a place called the Palo Alto Research Center, Xerox put a bunch of people together to develop a whole lot of stuff for what might be considered the sort of computers we use now. This was before Bill Gates and Steve Jobs messed about with Microsoft and Apple. Many things were discovered and invented there, and it might have been the sort of place Alan Bradley worked.

Two men who worked there were to later co-found a company called Adobe. John Warnock and Charles Geschke would develop a graphics language controlling printing. When Apple finally developed a graphical interface for their personal computers, and then a way you could change fonts and manipulate images, it was all fine and well, but you sure couldn't print that crap, you could only look at it on your screen. Warnock and Geschke's 'page description language' and PostScript, thus brought the digital design from the digital realm to the real world, and voila, stuff from your computer could be brought forth, manifested, onto a printed page.

While Computer-Aided Design goes all the way back to 1960, for the masses, the everyman, it might have been this moment, and Adobe's programs which made it possible for you, for me, for all of us, to have what we have, in the way of designing, and printing, bringing ideas into the Three-Dimensional world, through the device you are utilizing to read this article.

At Encom, what would have been a separate entity which pre-dated Apple and Microsoft, inside a single mainframe, and not a personal computer, existed a program which was a particularly unique design application. It was able to command a series of sub-functions, all handling various details of the design process, one for color perhaps, one for wire-framing, one for rendering, and put the ideas and designs of the USERS into digital reality. This program was called YORI.

We do not know who created this program, but it has been speculated that Dr.Lora Baines developed it. At Encom, she created the Digitizing Laser, which could store physical objects in a computer. It may be that this idea came from her research into the algorithms of the computer-aided design process, and how objects exist in virtual space.

Yori, during the Program Rebellion, when the MCP denied the USERS access, along with other Programs seemed to develop minds of their own, and while a program called Tron was able to literally 'fight back' against the Master Control Program, other programs were able to detach, and refuse commands from the MCP to seemingly operate on their own.

As Tron was able to utilize and manipulate various conceptual elements from different programming systems, even though he was applied, along with hundreds of other programs to become video games by the MCP, Yori was also able to find some way to take a 3-D simulation called the 'Solar Sailer' and apply it to use in navigation to escape the permutations of the MCP. Nobody knows to this day just how all these programs were able to do these things, and we are only recently beginning to understand.

Yori managed to utilize all the functions of a C.A.D. program, and apply all sorts of seemingly unrelated theories and algorithms along with Tron and User Flynn, to crash the Master Control Program, which was itself developing its own Artificial Intelligence.

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