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This petition is for the support of having Cindy Morgan return to the next installment of "TRON."

There are two likely forthcoming TRON PROJECTS for which DISNEY can follow up on the characters of Lora Baines and/ or Yori.

Since TRON LEGACY, we have one gaping plot hole, and while TRON LEGACY was a good addition, these characters were missing, and we never found out what happened to them.

Please join the campaign at http://www.ipetitions.com/petition/yorilives/

And sign this petition to show your support of following up these characters in the TRON Universe.

By signing you are showing support for YORI LIVES, and hopefully the return of Cindy Morgan to the TRON FRANCHISE.

This is only one of many things you can do, to contribute to this blog, email yorilives@yahoo.com