GRID REPORT 10.24.11

GRID REPORT 10.24.11

So what happened this week in the world of TRON? Each week, each Monday, I will be putting together this "GRID REPORT" which will hopefully supply the reader with whatever might have happened, whatever I have managed to scrounge, whatever appeared, whatever has come up.

Once again there is relatively nothing new in the world of TRON UPRISING, short of finding out about several more actors being added to the cast. Reginald VelJohnson from DIE HARD, and Meagan Holder (90210) will be supplying their voices to characters known as Able and Ada. You'd think that Disney would have more marketing going regarding their series which supposedly comes out in only a couple months. Soon enough, we'll probably be reporting regularly on this series.

Variety reported that Garrett Hedlund is being considered for one of the male leads of the remake of AKIRA. It is not known whether he will be playing Tetsuo or Kaneda, and whether or not he will be wearing appliances to make himself look Japanese... Also, I wonder, if he does get the role, whether this will ever interfere with any forthcoming TRON sequels, being that for one, this AKIRA movie will probably be terrible, and for two, whether it might become any sort of scheduling conflict. Then again, these days they make movies in like 3 weeks, and most of it is CGI, probably not that big a problem.

Galaxy Nexus has the latest TRON inspired commercial, with goofy animated characters riding Light Cycles.

Graff Faucets have come up with the latest TRONified gadget, the Ametis, which seems to be a water faucet with a

joystick that glows. I suppose you could add this to your Tronified Kitchen or bathroom, along with your Tron toothbrush and Tron glow-in-the-dark hair gel...oops I shouldn't have said that... somebody will go and make it now.

I will regularly report on all these crazy Tronified new gadgets, devices, and fads, because, well, you don't see Avatar shower curtains now do you? You don't see Star Trek inspired toilet seats either, and well, while George Lucas has cornered the market on those things, he's the one inventing them out of his greedy and ridiculous brain, but mostly they're just toilet seats that say "Star Wars" on them, all they are is 'brand name' while these fun gadgets have a flair for design and application, they don't say "TRON" on them and Disney isn't producing them. People are coming up with this stuff because its crazy, and perhaps because they're trying to capitalize on "TRON" but without the name, there's just something fascinating about them. Also discovered this week is Cyberdog's flourescing Tronified sexy women's wear. All is aglow with their Tron Lines Line...