Grid Report 11.21.11

Another week, another Grid Report with not a lot to speak of. People are still out there playing the Tron videogames, they're playing Tron Role Playing Games, they're still designing Tron art and graphics, and they're digging up remixes and other weird and interesting Tron Music...

I can't post the links here, because that will upset some of the readers here who practically derezz when you post links to mp3s, accusing you of being a 'pirate' and all that, but I will tell you this...

You want to look for two downloads, "TRON LEGACY The Perfect System Edition" which is essentially another "Reconfigured" remix album, only with some tracks that are even better than the ones that are on that one. The other you want to look for is called TRON LEGACY METROTOKYO EDITION, which is 2 CDs of unreleased versions of the original soundtrack. This reminds me of all those Blade Runner Soundtrack versions out there one can find. Both of these are great Tron Legacy scores if you can find them out there, and they're not available to buy anywhere, so the only place you will ever find them is 'on the Grid.' Sorry but sometimes that is the way it is, and if you can't deal with that, well, you're out of luck.

Speaking of things only 'on the Grid' which are unique and interesting, there is a guy who makes these videos about a 'computer program' from TRON which writes poetry. "Sonnet 1" is a poetry program which recites odd and bizarre poetry on the Grid. Tron has produced some rather weird stuff, but this certainly has got to be either the most creative or the most bizarre.