Grid Report 11.7.11


Here we are again, another Monday, and ...well... nothing from the officially-official corporate sponsors of "Tron" a.k.a. Disney...

Then again, perhaps it's on some secret location on the web, and they're expecting people to find it.

Meanwhile, YORI T-Shirts are out. We didn't make them, but somebody with a brain out there did. You can get your Yori T-Shirts which say "Get with the Program" at http://elidearoproductions.spreadshirt.com/ in a variety of colors of your choosing. Bravo.

Coming December 3rd in Toronto, Canada, is the "Neurodance" Tron club-party, a Tron Costume Christmas Party, which you can find more info at HERE. What this means is that the "TRON" thing is still happening, in the costume-mania party scene. You see, I'm not making this shit up, at least the Canadians are still getting their Tron on. Until somebody with some financing skill, and some creativity can put together a 'Tron Convention' which is probably better sooner, rather than later, we will have the occasional 'Tron Party' or 'Tron Night' or 'Tron Rave' and while these are great costume-wearing opportunities for Tron Fans, unless you're really into techno dancing and blue drinks, there's not much for the rest of you. You can sign the Tron-Con petition if you like, to support the idea, but ultimately it isn't up to 'Disney' it's up to the right businessman or woman, you see, a 'Con' is a business, and it's ultimately a business venture, and that's why there are all kinds of groups of people out there who all they do is put on conventions. Its a pretty good deal, but in order to get started, you have to put up a pretty good sum of cash, not a fortune mind you, not the budget of Tron Legacy, but that's really what it will take. No, you might not be able to call it "Tron Con," and you might have to call it GRIDFEST or something, and you'd have to start out where you know people are going to show, like LA, Seattle or Chicago or something, but it can most certainly be done. I would suggest however until it happens, to keep talking about it on the web, like we do here, (often for no reason at all) because that's the only way it's going to happen. Investing in a 'Tron Con' is a sure thing, but I'd set up a table at COMIC CON, just to advertise it, and pass out flyers there before it happens, then you'll get your audience.

If you're into Japanese style Manga, there's a version of TRON LEGACY now available on the web. I have no idea how long this has been out there but Yori Lives has brought it to your attention. This is not unpredictable, as there were a couple issues of Japanese Manga out for years back in the 80s of the original television series "V" which only came to my attention a couple years ago. Anyway, it's in English for your enjoyment.

And speaking of retro stuff dug up from the 80s, this Disney commercial for an ice skating show features "Tron on Ice." You don't want to miss it.

And while we know that someone out there is working on another Tron artifact, gadget, or toy of some sort, and that now would be as good a time as any, being that the Holidays are coming out soon enough, we await what will be an inevitable assortment of Tron goodies for Christmas this year... you can bet on on that. What I'm still waiting for are retro-Tron glow in the dark frisbees, because I think that would really be pretty cool, if somebody could make a few. It can't be that difficult, a glow in the dark frisbee with some circles on top? You can't even be sued for that.

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If anybody out there is still reading this blog, email yorilives @yahoo.com, perhaps a couple of us can get together via the internet to put together a podcast, I've done podcasts before, I even used to do a late night radio show, so I'm quite capable, but as I've learned in the past, a one-man podcast is a boring thing. If anybody wants to chat on the phone for an hour about stuff like I've just written about above, that's basically the easiest thing and way to do it. The Grid Report would make a great podcast, and I know some people we could probably interview, so send me a note. If you're interested in adding anything to this blog, suggestions, criticisms, gripes, contributions, articles, artwork, anything at all, you can also send a note.

Long live the Users...