It's Campaign Season...

There are probably hundreds of 'fan campaigns' on the internet, actually, could be thousands. Fans want to express themselves, what they want from their favorite movies, television shows, etc, and what they'd like to see in 'future installments' of those things, hoping that the producers, writers, directors, and the companies which finance these projects will actually listen. Sometimes they actually work.

"Yori Lives" is one of those campaigns, and for all we know it is completely in vain--that they already actually do have plans to return Yori, or Lora to the TRON series. We have no idea, but we hope they're listening. We do know that sometimes the filmmakers do not listen, and they actually arrogantly complain and mock their own audience--their own 'customers,' their own followers, such as the case with George Lucas, who couldn't give a crap what his meal-ticket wants. In this case we're not actually asking for much, but a reasonable and obvious continuation--so long as they've decided to 'continue' that series, which they have.

We're not the only Tron Fans seeking resolutions and continuations, there are other 'campaigns' out there as well.

There are those who want "FLYNN's ARCADE" to remain open, so that those who haven't yet gotten a chance to see it can, and so that those who have can return. Why Disney would be closing this and ElecTRONica is beyond my comprehension at this point, since they have TRON UPRISING coming out, and a possible TRON 3 which everybody, and I mean everybody wants. Tron Fans want their TRON, and it would seem Disney doesn't realize the staying-power of their franchise, they don't seem to realize the enthusiasm of their own fans. Leading of course to these campaigns. Also, there is a campaign to start a "TRON CONVENTION" which I think is also a good idea, it makes sense since TRON LEGACY probably produced a few more million hard-core Tron fans which are just as intent and intense as Star Trek or Star Wars fans. We're out there, in vast numbers and growing, it makes no sense whatsoever simply from a business point of view to ignore it. They're called 'customers' and they're begging you to sell them more stuff... weird that this company which is so intent on getting even richer is ignoring yet another opportunity.



ElecTRONica Gathering

So, if you're a TRON fan, the best thing you can do is be an 'active' User, and take some time, put out some effort, and things can get done. Lend your support to these campaigns, take the effort to simply click things on your screen, expand your TRON support also to:



You wonder what can you do? How can it be done? Well, nothing will happen if you do nothing. How to get things done can be as simple as doing the following very simple things:

-"Liking" posts on Facebook, a thumbs up on various sites simply isn't enough, also view counts can show activity, the better and more effective thing to do is to "share" links. Many sites offer a simple "share" button to Facebook and other sites. If you don't do this, it won't matter how much you 'like' anything if people don't know it. By simply 'sharing' a link, which is spreading and sending links out there, people will click and your 'like' may increase tenfold. "Share" first, then 'like.'

-Copy and paste links, send links and share links, information remains isolated and null if nobody is searching for it, but sending it out there may interest someone, if people don't KNOW about a petition or site or piece of information, they're not going to sign that petition, nor comment.

-Many articles do not allow links, therefore, you must simply comment using a 'search term.' By tying a simple comment such as "Yori Lives" or "Re-Rezz RAM" or "Save Flynn's Arcade" well, that works, people see it, it's that simple.

-The 'online campaign' is as "TRON" as "TRON" They invented a fictional 'online campaign' for TRON LEGACY, so instead of simply consuming the entertainment, and playing that game, why not do the actual thing? It's time you did. Make "TRON UPRISING" something real by actually participating.

-Share the campaign pics, share the campaign links, and create your own. Pass on the pictures and graphics you see here on this site, put them on your facebook pages, your forums, your tumblrs, contribute to the visibility of the ideas. There is no other way.

-We're obviously not asking for money, and for not much at all, other than active participation, it really is that easy and that simple. By doing something like this, you also participate and practice for when something far more important is at stake, by aquiring these skills, and utilizing the technology you have, you will be able to 'do something' when you truly responsibly should. The same rules apply to any online campaign concept. If you can't 'raise awareness' or participate in an entertainment-campaign, what use are you when something important happens, and when something you absolutely should engage in, such as in the case of any political campaign? Use the tools you have, USER. Use the technology you have, USER, before your ability, and freedom to use it is gone forever. Participate. Spend an extra 10 seconds of your time clicking "share" or posting a link on Twitter, those who do, participate in 'changing the world,' those who don't participate in their own enslavement.


-Become 'friends' on facebooks pages, or 'like' and subscribe to pages, even if you don't regularly follow them every single day, it is like voting, you're adding yourself to a sum, you're adding yourself to the numbers which people look at and determine opnion-power.

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By doing this, you get updates on what's going on, and it is essentially like voting, and showing your support, adding yourself to the growing number of visible supporters.

You can contribute by adding links there, to Yori Lives, sending pics of your own creation, or your ideas, or just say "Hi." You can also contribute to this blog, just email yorilives@yahoo.com