TRON is now on Twitter, Let the UPRISING Begin!

Tron is now on Twitter. That's right, Bruce Boxleitner (Alan "T" Bradley to you squares) has signed on and he's been tweeting, and that means he's there to either free Twitter from its evil ways, promote Tron Uprising, or he's just figured out how the internet works. In any case, now couldn't be a better time for Tron to join the social networks and lead the Uprising.

Speaking of Uprisings, the Occupy movement has gotten more accomplished than Disney and their 'Uprising' it would seem. Articles from months ago, which we reported here suggested some kind of release in some kind of form of the cartoon series, TRON UPRISING in January. Nothing of the sort happened at all. We're not the only ones wondering when TRON UPRISING will debut, in whatever form they decide. Across the Web, people are asking, "When is TRON UPRISING" coming out?

Every article that comes out seems to contradict another. It all began of course with their teaser on the DVDs and Blue-ray releases of TRON LEGACY. We heard that it was coming in January of 2012, with 'micro-episodes' on the web. We heard that it was coming in April of 2012. We've heard that it was coming in "Spring of 2012," we've heard that it was premiering in "Summer of 2012," and some articles say "Fall of 2012." One thing is for sure, I don't think anybody has any clue whatsoever when it is coming out at all, at least this very moment--so we wait. Disney has only released a few details, and we have seen very little in the way of marketing. Cindy Morgan posted on her facebook page a link to Albert Mielgo's blog last week, where he displays a high quality scan of the poster which made its way around the web last summer in grainy blurry form. You can check it out in all it's brilliance, and have a look at the art design team. The truth is, this is the first real news flurry about TRON UPRISING in a while. Catsuka.com has an article about Robert Valley, character designer, and since the post about the Art Team, the production staff also seems eager to begin blogging about their work. Here is an early character design for what might be Lance Henriksen's character, General Tesler.

Lance Henriksen who plays 'General Tesler' has briefly spoken about his role at Fearnet.com, saying "I play a big general in it, second in command from the top guy. And of course all megalomaniacs that are power hungry, they want to be on top. That's the character I'm playing. He's a rough guy and a manipulator." He also stated on his Facebook page, "They are letting me try things,really good director ...Tesler is going for the brass ring..." MTV Movies Blog interviewed TRON himself, Bruce Boxleitner, who revealed: "In this story, Tron is a much more battle-hardened warrior than you’ve seen before. It’s like 'The Mask of Zorro' where he’s looking for a young one to train and to have that master-student relationship.” I think that we are all looking forward to seeing (or in this case 'hearing') the return of Bruce Boxleitner as Tron.

We know that Robert Valley worked on Aeon Flux, and all the footage released for TRON UPRISING is most certainly influenced by the style of that original animated series.

We have seen the cast list, we've seen the character's names and we know a little about the plot, but we wonder why there has been so little released from Disney officially about this series. Here is a list of links which will take you to the various videos released:







TRON UPRISING stars Elijah Wood, Mandy Moore, Emmanuelle Chriqui, Paul Reubens, Lance Henriksen and Bruce Boxleitner as "Tron." We know that it takes place prior to the film TRON LEGACY, and Fred Tatasciore will voice CLU. (He did the voice of Flynn/Clu in the videogame Tron Evolution.... shocking, an actual crossover!)

The Disney XD Ad reveals new images of characters, but only very briefly and does not tell us when to expect this series. The Comic Con preview isn't so much a real 'preview' as it is a random montage of images with music. The footage in the Disney XD Ad looks a little different than the Teaser. DisFanReview has posted some screenshots. Both have the "Aeon Flux" style characters, but they look a little different. Joseph Trapanese has done some music for Tron Uprising, and from what we can hear, it sounds pretty good.

It has been said that the series will premier with micro-episodes or 'micro-series' which has never been clear, whether it means that the first 10 episodes are merely all there will be until they make more, or that they are merely something like 3-minutes long. Some articles have said that this 'micro-series' will air or be released in April, with the rest of the series in June, while others say a Fall release of the 'regular series.' As we now know, no such 'movie length premiere' happened in January, and I've seen some sites say that the first 10 episodes are 30 minutes in length, and others which say that these 'micro-episodes' (which is how AEON FLUX started) will be first available on the Web. At this point, as we await any actual official press statements or marketing from Disney itself, I'm not sure we can count on April being an absolute, there are so many conflicting articles on the web of TRON UPRISING, until something definitive from an official Disney site such as XD, we cannot say for sure practically anything whatsoever about what is going on with TRON UPRISING.

The "TRON OFFICIAL SITE" has absolutely no mention whatsoever of TRON UPRISING.( if you can even get it to function.) Nobody seems to have a clue what's going on the universe of TRON, and I'm not talking about "Tron 3" and the production status of TV Shows or Movies, I'm not talking about a fan-made site, I'm just talking about disseminating information about the simple products and events your company has regarding a particular brand name that happens to be pretty popular. What they've been doing (or not doing in this case) makes no $ense whatsoever. It makes you wonder.

The fans have been looking forward to something, they've been looking forward to TRON UPRISING because they said they were making it, and they put the teaser-trailer on the DVD. Nobody really has a clue as to what it is, and while everyone awaits a real sequel to TRON LEGACY, they wonder what Disney has really been up to here, why they haven't gotten it together, since it seems since that first COMIC-CON preview of TR2N and the subsequent "ENCOM" event video, and "FLYNN LIVES" campaign which had everyone's attention, the fans wonder, what happened? Were you or were you not 'rebooting' the franchise with TRON LEGACY? If you don't do 'something' soon again, you'll have to 'reboot' it all over again, because you're losing us here. In my mind the idea of 'rebooting' the series would be to bring the brand name back to the forefront, and this time keep it going if it seemed like it made money and garnered interest, well, it did, and we're still interested, and so what are you doing about it, Disney? Closing your ElecTRONica? Closing FLYNN'S ARCADE? While George Freakin Lucas is re-releasing his Star Wars crap all over again, you're closing stuff down as you are about to release a new TRON Product? Who is making the decisions up there? What is going on? This last line is for you, Disney, you invested money in rebooting the thing, it then made you money, what's the deal? Was it all for nothing or something, who could be that dense as to not see what could have been done with its success?

Well, let us hope that they've got this whole new TRON online campaign ready to roll out again, with TRON UPRISING and leading to TRON 3. Let's hope that they've been so busy diligently working on it, and that it is so clever and amazing that they've had to keep it a secret. Let's hope they're paying attention, and let's hope they're finding out from the fans themselves what they want to see, and what they really want next. The only failure in TRON so far is Disney's lack of motivation on doing anything with it again, it took them 25 years to do something with it before, maybe they really are pretty slow on this, after all TRON isn't 'Mickey Mouse,' but then if Disney is out there buying up the Muppets, Marvel Comics and everything else out there under the sun, they most certainly can't have such an isolated attitude that only 'Mickey Mouse' makes the money. We hope they're keeping it under wraps because they've got all sorts of things ready to knock our socks off like they did the last time (with Tron Legacy). Hopefully they'll read this article and get things fired up again, because it's about time they did.


  1. Phil,great post. You feel the same way I do. I wish I could sit down with Disney execs. and explain it to them. By the way, I posted a link to your site on Tron-Sector.com. I was hoping to generate a buzz for your Blog. They may have visited, but have not posted. Please post at the Tron:Uprising, Movie/TV Sector. Again, your post was SPOT ON.

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    1. Hey thanks. Technically this isn't 'my' blog, it's all the fans of Yori and Tron's blog. Contributions are welcome in any form.

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